Access Control

LPR for factories, head-offices, schools, universities, prisons, hospitals, hotels, communities...

The deployment of LPR cameras in Entry and Exit in Private Car Parks allows for a much better control of vehicles that are accessing these sites. Ensuring that only authorized vehicles are coming in, that they do not stay over their credentials is a key feature for high security sites (embassies, nuclear plants, military sites, prisons, official buildings..), factoriesoffices and shopping malls.

Providing a quick and secured way to access to all kinds of communities (condominiums, Universities, Schools...) brings also a real value to users.

Thanks to its partnerships with a majority of Access Control Equipment manufacturers and Video Management Systems (VMS), and its capacity to transfer datas using all sorts of protocols (IP, RS485, WIEGAND...), SURVISION offers cost-effective and efficient Solutions to control the access to all kinds of private car-parks.

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