LPR for classical and free-flow tolling, road monitoring and smart cities

The use of fixed LPR cameras in traditional toll lanes allows for a much better monitoring of vehicles to avoid fraud and a higher level of service to drivers (lost-tickets, correct classification and invoicing...).

For Free-flow tolling, where sometimes the LPR can be the unique enforcement system, the SURVISION cameras bring very specific value thanks to superior Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and a particularly accurate Confidence Ratio.

For tunnels and bridges, or any type of sites where confinement can lead to specific dangers, SURVISION's Dangerous Goods Detection camera increase safety for users.

For Cities, Survision's combined long-range LPR and Video compact cameras bring cost-effective and discreet traffic monitoring and pollution reduction solutions.

SURVISION cameras provide road operators, wherever they are, with a unique control of their traffic flow.

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