LPR for off-street and on-street parking

The deployment of fixed LPR cameras in off-street parking allows for a significant gain in terms of security (comparison of entry and exit numbers to prevent theft and fraud), cost-effectiveness (management of lost tickets) and service to users (greater traffic fluidity, lease-holders monitored exclusively by number plate recognition, automatic opening on exit after payment...).

The deployment of mobile LPR cameras, embedded on all kinds of vehicle (cars, scooters, bikes, Segways...) allows for efficient monitoring and enforcement of on-street parking spaces on very large city areas.

Thanks to its partnerships with most of Parking Equipment Manufacturers and Web Platforms, Survision offers to Building Management Companies and Parking Operators, cost-effective and efficient solutions whatever the way they want to monitor vehicles (Fixed, Mobile, Gated, TicketLess...).

Check this Parking Case Study

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