LPR Technology

Performance, speed, compactness, durability, ease of installation and use

Focused on vehicle identification, SURVISION use the most advanced techniques in image processing. SURVISION LPR cameras use principles of Artificial Intelligence (Convolutional Neural Network).

SURVISION provide integrated, stand-alone cameras that combine lighting, shooting, and image-processing algorithms into their hardware.

Over half of the company's spending is dedicated to research and development.

SURVISION LPR cameras work in real time, without any external trigger device or processing server.

Dangerous Goods License plates Recognition

SURVISION covers all dangerous goods transportation plates, notably empty plates which identify lorries transporting several dangerous products.

This also offers a solution which, in conjunction with number plate recognition, is used to survey roads and tunnels for security purposes (study of vehicles numbers on road networks, detection of incidents in the tunnels and monitoring of authorized vehicles).

Connected to a Central Command Point, the Dangerous Goods (DG) cameras allow us to monitor daily traffic and provide information for a system of Automatic Detection of Incidents

Survision SDK

SURVISION LPR Software Development Kit (SDK) enables integrators to offer effective and inexpensive solutions for vehicle management.

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